Two-year engineer contract, “Study of the effects of ocean acidification on the functioning of natural planktonic communities in the Mediterranean Sea, using large-scale pelagic mesocosms”

An engineer position is available for two years within the EU FP7 project “Mediterranean Sea Acidification in a changing climate” (“MedSea”).

Ocean acidification is the term used to describe the decrease in seawater pH due to ocean’s absorption of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Ocean acidification is suspected to affect the functioning of planktonic communities with, for instance, potential modifications of their size structure and net production rates, of the C:N ratio of newly produced organic matter, of the bacterial abundance and mineralization rates and of the organic matter sedimentation rates to the deep-ocean. The response of these processes will be investigated on the whole planktonic assemblage in the framework of the MedSea project, using large pelagic mesocosms (52 m3) perturbation experiments that will be conducted over several weeks in both the Western and Eastern basins of the Mediterranean Sea.

Responsibilities: The applicant will be in charge of the preparation, organization and supervision of these large mesocosms (9 units) joint experiments in Corsica (Western Mediterranean, France; May-June 2012) and in Crete (Eastern Mediterranean, Greece; April-May 2013). Perturbations and sampling tests will be performed in the bay of Villefranche (France) in October 2011 on a limited number of mesocosms.

Requirements: A candidate with a background in carbonate chemistry and field work experience is sought. Good communication and coordination skills are also required as the experiments will bring together scientists from several European laboratories.

Host laboratory:
The engineer will be based at the Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (Villefranche-sur-mer, France).

Duration of contract and salary: This is a two-year position starting around 1st June 2011. The salary will be according to the rule of the French legislation (monthly gross salary of 1980 – 2120 € according to the candidate experience).

Further information:
Frédéric Gazeau (+33 493-763802),
Cécile Guieu (+33 493-763995),

How to apply
The candidates should send to Frédéric Gazeau, a curriculum vitae, a short (less than one page) statement on why she/he finds this offer attractive, and the name and email addresses of three referees. The deadline for application is 1 April 2011.

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