EPOCA/BIOACID/UKOARP annual meeting in Bremerhaven, Germany


EPOCA‘s second annual meeting was held in Bremerhaven, Germany and was organized together with the BIOACID and UKOARP programs, from 27 – 30 September 2010. With 230 participants, it was the largest ocean acidification meeting so far.

There were 5 scientific sessions:

– Session 1: Seawater chemistry: paleoreconstructions, present observations, future projections (Chairs: H. Elderfield and F. Joos)
– Session 2: Calcification, carbonate dissolution and preservation (Chairs: J. Bijma and T. Tyrrell)
– Session 3: Microbial processes and interactions (Chairs: E. Achterberg, J. J. Middelburg, and M. Voss)
– Session 4: Animal performance characters and species interactions (Chairs: H.-O. Pörtner and S. Widdicombe)
– Session 5: Biogeochemical cycles and climate feedbacks (Chairs: J. Orr, A. Oschlies and A. Ridgwell)

and 3 sessions on overarching activities:

– Education and outreach (Chairs: M. Meyerhöfer and P. Saugier)
– Integrated assessment (tipping points; with input from EPOCA Tipping Point Group) (Chair: C. Turley)
– Data reporting (Chair: R. Schlitzer)

The complete agenda (including some presentations in pdf format) is available on the EPOCA web site.

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