Celebrating research and researchers

The Research Council’s Evening of Excellence – the annual event to celebrate research and those who carry it out – was held on 28 September in Oslo Concert Hall.

This year’s event assembled some 1 250 researchers, research administrators, and representatives of the Government and ministries for an evening filled with communication of knowledge as well as entertainment.

Awards for research and innovation

The Research Council’s annual Award for Outstanding Research (Møbius Prize) and Award for Most Innovative Company for 2010 were presented during the evening ceremony.

Tron Frede Thingstad, one of Norway’s most eminent microbiologists, received the Research Council’s highest recognition of excellence in research for 2010. The jury awarded the prize to Thingstad, a professor at the University of Bergen’s Department of Biology, for his contributions toward a deeper understanding of topics within marine biology, biodiversity, climate research and ocean acidification.

The advanced IT tools for disabled persons made by technology company Abilia stood out in the competition for the Research Council’s Award for Most Innovative Company for 2010. A panel of roughly 2 000 company heads in Norway made the selection. “This year’s winner is a shining example of how research can enrich the lives of many people,” says Eirik Normann, acting Executive Director of the Research Council’s Division for Innovation.

Else Lie, (Translation: Darren McKellep/Carol B. Eckmann), The Research Council of Norway, 30 September 2010. Full article.

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