Ocean acidification session: AGU San Juan, Puerto Rico – Feb 2011

Please consider submitting an abstract to the following session at the 2011 ASLO meeting, in San Juan, PR. Abstracts are due by midnight (23:59 US CDT) 11 October 2010.

S80: Frontiers in Ocean Acidification Research: Responses of marine
carbon cycling and ecosystems to ocean acidification

Conveners: Lauren Juranek, JISAO/UW/ NOAA-PMEL, Laurie.Juranek(at)noaa.gov; Simone Alin, NOAA-PMEL, Simone.R.Alin(at)noaa.gov; Sarah Cooley, WHOI, scooley(at)whoi.edu; Anne Cohen, WHOI, acohen(at)whoi.edu

Increased ocean CO2 uptake driven by fossil fuel emissions and land-use change is driving fundamental changes in ocean carbon chemistry, including measurable changes in surface ocean pH (0.1 units) and calcium carbonate saturation (~0.4 Ω) since the Industrial Revolution, with further decreases (0.3–0.4 pH units and up to 1.5 Ω) anticipated by 2100. Key uncertainties at present are how organisms and ecosystems will respond to these altered conditions, both in regulation of physiological processes and in species distributions, and how these responses might in turn feedback on future carbon cycling. The goal of this session is to showcase recent progress in ocean acidification (OA) research across a range of spatial and temporal scales, including, but not limited to: 1) laboratory and field experiments examining responses to simulated future OA conditions at the molecular, organism, population, or community scale, 2) present-day and paleoceanographic studies in regions that provide natural analogues to a high-CO2 world, and 3) models of future OA impacts to ecosystem function on decadal to centennial scales. We particularly welcome studies seeking to identify thresholds and mechanisms involved in organism responses, studies providing unique insight into scaling short-term responses to the longer-term, and studies examining the coupled effects of OA and other anthropogenic stresses (e.g., climate, eutrophication, hydrologic) that will feed back on future ocean CO2 uptake.

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