National Science Foundation solicitation for ocean acidification proposals generates enthusiastic response

The NSF electrified the United States ocean acidification (OA) research com- munity in January when it called for proposals to understand OA’s chemistry, its effects on biogeochemistry, organisms, and ecosystems, and how Earth’s history informs these studies. By the April 26 deadline, program managers had received over 100 proposals, demonstrating a strong community response to the long- anticipated announcement. The participating directorates are excited to see the research move forward and expect to make award decisions by September. The program managers expect to fund about 14-20 proposals, including full research projects (up to four years), exploratory efforts, and community/capacity build- ing projects. The total funding anticipated for this program is expected to be between $12 and $15 million.

OCB Newsletter 3(2):13. Article.

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