ClimECO2 : Oceans, Marine Ecosystems, and Society facing Climate Change

– A multidisciplinary approach –

An international Summer School co-organized by IUEM, IMBER and Europôle Mer
23-27 August 2010

Closing date for application: 15 April 2010.


Climate variability from both natural and anthropogenic sources influences ocean circulation, biogeochemical cycles and the functioning of marine ecosystems. It also has direct consequences for society (changing the distribution and availability of resources, increasing pathogenic marine species, erosion of the littoral, etc.).

This five-day training programme aims to provide participants with an overview of knowledge, methods, models and approaches for analyzing the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems and the consequences for society.


  • Climate, ocean circulation, biogeochemistry and marine ecosystems
  • Climate driven changes in marine biodiversity and the interactions among species
  • Impact of global change on marine resources and uses
  • Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the coastal zone
  • Communicating climate change: from information to action

For further details about the programme, please visit the Web site:


This is an interdisciplinary summer school. We welcome applications from both natural and social scientists (PhD, Post-docs, engineers and researchers) working on topics related to “oceans and climate change” and who are interested in the challenge of crossing the barriers between disciplines.

Travel grants are available. Please visit to see if you are eligible for financial support.

This Summer School is endorsed by CNRS as a “Thematic School” (Ecole Thématique). Members from CNRS or French affiliated institutions such as universities will be financially supported by CNRS (Registration fees = 0€). Further information.

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