Video presentations from the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Summer Workshop

Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Summer Workshop was held at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, on 20-23 July 2009.

The workshop included Session 2 on Ocean Acidification: Frontiers in Understanding Physiological and Ecological Responses
Chair: Joan Kleypas (NCAR)

The ocean acidification session included following presentations presentations:

  • Global change functional genomics in the study of ocean acidification by Gretchen Hofmann (UCSB)
  • Changing nutrient cycles and ocean biology in a high-CO2 world by David Hutchins (USC)
  • Update on U.S. ocean acidification activities by Joan Kleypas (NCAR)
  • Addressing ecological thresholds in ocean acidification research by Cisco Werner (Rutgers)

For more information and presentations please click here.

Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry, 9 Spetember 2009. Presentations.

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