Training Workshop: Fundamentals of palaeo-proxy methods

This training workshop, to be held at the University of Cambridge on 28th to 30th September 2009, will focus on the foraminiferal proxies available to reconstruct past variability of ocean chemistry. It will be aimed at non-specialists in order to develop understanding between scientists dealing with oceanographic proxies, experimental and mesocosm systems and modelling.

The workshop will consist of a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and “hands on” experience in the treatment and sampling of sediment cores, the development of age models, identification and sampling of foraminifera and procedures involved in the determination of stable isotope and trace metal proxies. It will demonstrate the fundamentals of proxies and proxy calibrations, the features and limitations of available proxies such as δ18O, δ13C, δ11B, size normalised weight and trace element/Ca ratios (B/Ca, Mg/Ca, Cd/Ca etc.).

The workshop is open to all students and researchers involved in ocean acidification research. However, the numbers are limited and priority will be given to PhD and early stage postdoctoral researchers, particularly those associated with the EPOCA project.
Participants are expected to cover their own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the meeting.

More information about the workshop can be obtained from the organisers; please contact Vivien Brown ( The deadline for applications to the workshop is 1st June 2009 and the decision on acceptance will be given by 19th June 2009.

Download the workshop poster.

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