Monaco’s Albert II calls access to water a right

Today, technology makes it possible to resolve water-related problems, Prince Albert II of Monaco tells the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review ahead of his arrival in Istanbul for the World Water Forum today. ’What is often lacking is the political will and financial backing necessary to implement these resources,’ the prince of Monaco added

“You know that the colder the ocean, the greater the volume of carbon dioxide that can dissolve in it; thus it is the icy waters of the Polar Regions that will suffer the first effects of acidification,” he said. Every year the ocean absorbs a third of the carbon dioxide produced by human activities, he said.

The prince explained the effects of ocean acidification caused by carbon dioxide on phytoplankton’s changing role in the food chain.

“These organisms play a vital role in the food chain because they are the food for small crustaceans such as Krill which feed whales and many other vertebrates,” he said. “But these organisms also play a major role in absorbing the carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.”

Kristen Stevens, Hurriyet, 15 March 2009. Full article.

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