Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting

This year the Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, taking place in Glasgow (28th June-1st July), will host a General Thermal Biology Session. As the name indicates, this session comprises talks and posters on all aspects of Thermal Biology from Animal, Plant and Cell Sections. Hot topics include the role of temperature in climate change effects on ecosystems and its interaction with other stressors (e.g. CO2 , hypoxia, UV, salinity, humidity, eutrophication). As such, the session is an important element of the scientific programme, with high-quality presentations on a wide spectrum of subjects. The General session has been successful in recent years, by grouping the submitted contributions into overarching themes. The session is scheduled for the 1st of July, and its length will depend upon the number of submissions. We particularly encourage presentations by postgraduate students and postdocs, whom can seek the SEB financial support to attend the meeting by applying for a Student and Early Postdoc Travel Grants (see

Deadline for abstract submission is March 19th 2009.

Please visit for more details on the meeting.

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