2nd Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World, Monaco, 6-8 October 2008

The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR), Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) are convening the second symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World on 6-8 October 2008 in Monaco. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an interdisciplinary forum to assess what is known about ocean acidification and priorities for future research. The symposium will include both invited and contributed presentations. The meeting organizers seek contributions on relevant topics, including the following:

– Scenarios of ocean acidification
– Effects of changes in seawater chemistry on nutrient and metal speciation
– Ocean carbon system from deep-time to the present to the distant future
– Paleo-chemistry
– Mechanisms of calcification
– Impacts on benthic and pelagic calcifiers
– Physiological effects: From microbes to fish
– Adaptation and (micro)evolution
– Fisheries, food webs, and ecosystem impacts
– Biogeochemical consequences and feedbacks to the Earth system
– Economic consequences
– CO2 disposal

The symposium will include plenary presentations, discussion sessions on research priorities, and a poster session. Because of time limitations, most contributed abstracts will be presented as posters. Manuscripts based on presentations at the symposium can be submitted to a special issue of Biogeosciences and research priorities will be published separately for the benefit of ocean scientists and research program managers worldwide. Relevant dates include:

31 March 2008: Early registration and abstract submissions open
31 May 2008: Abstract deadline
31 July 2008: Early registration closes
31 August 2008: Biogeosciences opens for submissions to special section on “The Ocean in a High CO2 World – II”
6-8 October 2008: The Second Symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World
7 November 2008: Biogeosciences closes for submissions to special section

The Planning Committee is chaired by James Orr of the Marine Environment Laboratories (MEL-IAEA) in Monaco and includes the following members: Ken Caldeira (USA), Victoria Fabry (USA), André Freiwald (Germany), Jean-Pierre Gattuso (France), Peter Haugan (Norway), Patrick Lehodey (France), Silvio Pantoja (Chile), Hans-O. Pörtner (Germany), Ulf Riebesell (Germany), and Tom Trull (Australia).

For additional information, please contact James Orr (J.Orr@iaea.org) or one of the sponsors’ representatives: Ed Urban (Ed.Urban@scor-int.org), Maria Hood (m.hood”at”unesco.org), or Wendy Broadgate (wendy@igbp.kva.se).

Additional instructions for registration and abstract submission will be provided in early 2008, but please put the dates for this meeting on your calendar. A web site will soon be opened at: http://www.ocean-acidification.net/

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