Summer school on “Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems: Functioning and Evolution”

HCMR is organising a summer school on “Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems: Functioning and Evolution” sponsored by the Latsis Foundation, in Greece.

The summer school will be held in Athens, from 1 to 15 July 2010.

It will be conducted in English and attended by about 30 postgraduate students having a degree on Marine Sciences and special interest in the Mediterranean Sea.

It will be organised in several sessions addressing the best possible way the major environmental challenges in the Mediterranean Sea.

The following sessions have been chosen to represent better related issues:
• Mediterranean and World Ocean: Similarities, differences and peculiarities
• Food web in Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems
• Biodiversity, non-indigenous species
• Outbreaks of population (i.e. jellyfish)
• Extreme environments in the Mediterranean (Brine pools, volcanoes, mud volcanoes etc.)
• Coastal zones and pressures and Habitat Fragmentation
• Oceanography from space: Advantages and disadvantages, first results
• Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Fisheries and Productivity
• Impacts of climate change on the ecosystems, acidification
• Socioeconomic scenarios

The Organising Committee will cover the lodging for the entire duration of the Summer School, while the successful applicants will have to find their way to travel to Athens.

Please visit the website of the course for more details:

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