SDG 14.3.1 Indicator expert working group meeting

Dp3_mi9XcAMZEUD.jpg largeInternational experts on ocean acidification, including members of the GOA-ON Executive Council, met at the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO in Paris from October 17-19 to discuss the SDG Indicator 14.3.1 Methodology. The SDG Target Indicator 14.3.1 calls for “average marine acidity measured at an agreed suite of representative sampling stations” and the Methodology provides guidance to scientists and countries on how to carry out measurements and report the findings following the established best practices. The workshop participants discussed the data reporting, quality control and visualisation mechanisms for the Indicator as well as ways to disseminate the Methodology.View SDG 14.3.1 Methodology.

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OA-ICC Highlights

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