Coral reefs gone in 80 years, says Sir David Attenborough

The broadcaster will end his hugely popular Blue Planet II series with a stark warning

Coral reefs, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, will have died and dissolved away by 2100, Sir David Attenborough will say in the last programme of his Blue Planet II series, to be shown next Sunday. He will warn that CO2 emissions are making the oceans increasingly acidic. As a result coral and seashells dissolve faster than sea creatures can build them, spelling destruction for reefs across the world.

“The cause of this is CO2,” Attenborough says. “Dissolved in sea water, it forms carbonic acid. The more CO2 in the atmosphere, the more acidic the ocean becomes. And the burning of fossil fuels is the primary cause of these increasing levels of CO2 . . . This is manmade, beyond question.”

Jonathan Leake, The Times, 3 December 2017. Full article (subscription required).


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