Ocean planning in a changing climate

The ways in which humans use ocean resources needs to be carefully planned over space and time, in order to minimize conflicts and foster compatibilities among uses, and between uses and the environment1. This planning process, most often termed marine spatial planning, has been developed worldwide from coastal to open-ocean regions as a way to foster sustainable ocean management and governance. Marine spatial planning is currently being developed in about 50 countries, yet despite its widespread acceptance and uptake, it still faces many political, social, economic and environmental challenges. Here we suggest that global climate change will present an additional, evolving challenge that requires flexible and adaptive ocean planning. (…)

Frazão Santos C., Agardy T., Andrade F., Barange M., Crowder L. B., Ehler C. N., Orbach M. K. & Rosa R., 2016. Ocean planning in a changing climate. Nature Geoscience 9:730. Article (subscription required).

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