Special session on the observing of the ecological impacts of ocean acidification at the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium, 19-24 June 2016, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Session 33: “Observing ocean acidification and its ecological impacts to inform management and policy”

The abstract submission deadline is Midnight, Central Standard Time USA / 06:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 15 January 2016!

Session overview

Regionally disparate efforts are underway to inform coral reef managers and policy-makers on the ecological and societal impacts of anthropogenic changes in the ocean’s carbonate system, often referred to as ocean acidification. While many efforts are well organized regionally, the coral-reef research and management community would benefit from a frank discussion of critical measurements and best practices, as well as a concerted effort to build international coral reef networks as part of the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network.  This is particularly important as many of the nations most rich in coral reef biodiversity have yet to establish organized ocean acidification monitoring efforts. This session proposes to invite academic, government, and NGO scientists to discuss with managers and policy makers the design of cost-effective observation networks. We will feature methods to observe seawater carbonate chemistry, carbonate accretion, reef-scale accretion/dissolution balance, bioerosion, and how to best integrate in-situ observations with satellite-derived proxies and/or modeling.  We will discuss approaches to international collaboration including: technology transfer, staff mentoring, and peer-to-peer exchanges. Finally, we will address the issue of attribution of ocean acidification impacts and potential policy approaches to distinct scenarios.

This session will be divided roughly into two-thirds talks, one-third panel discussion.

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