IDDRI Policy Brief “Intertwined ocean and climate: implications for international climate negotiations” now available in French, Spanish and Chinese

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This policy brief is the result of the “Oceans 2015 Initiative”, an expert group supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the BNP Paribas Foundation and the Monégasque Association for Ocean Acidification. It has been produced under the leadership of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI).

Some of the key messages of the document are summarized as follows:

  • Climate and ocean are inseparable: the ocean moderates anthropogenic climate change by absorbing significant proportions of the heat and CO2 that accumulate in the atmosphere, as well as by receiving all water from melting ice.
  • This climate-regulating function happens at the cost of profound alterations of the ocean’s physics and chemistry, leading to ocean warming and acidification, as well as to sea level rise. These changes significantly affect the ocean’s ecology (organisms and ecosystems) and eventually marine and coastal human activities (fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, health…).
  • As atmospheric CO2 increases, possible human responses become fewer and less effective.
  • This scientific statement provides further compelling arguments for immediate and ambitious CO2 emissions reduction at the international level. This conclusion applies to COP21 as well as to the post-2015 climate regime at large.

To see the original English version of the policy brief, click here.

To see the French version of the document, click here.

To see the Spanish version of the document, click here.

To see the Chinese version of the document, click here.

More information on the “Ocean 2015 Initiative” can be consulted on the IDDRI website.

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