A natural strategy against climate change

This paper presents a short description of the quantitatively most important applications of enhanced weathering of olivine to counter climate change and ocean acidification. CO2 is captured by the weathering of basic silicates, in particular olivine or its hydrated equivalent serpentine. During the whole history of the Earth, weathering has played the major role in the capture and
storage of the CO2 that was emitted by volcanoes. If all that CO2 had remained in the atmosphere there would be no life on our planet. It is logical, therefore, to stimulate this process to counteract climate change, caused by the rapidly rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Enhanced weathering covers applications on land, along the coast and in shallow marine environments. In addition some topics are mentioned that have no geographic restriction. An attempt is made to quantitatively estimate the carbon capture potential of each topic.

Schuiling R. D., 2014. A natural strategy against climate change. Journal of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Research 1(6):413-419. Article.

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