Studentship: Carbonate chemistry, ocean acidification and CO2 exchange in the Canadian Arctic, McGill University, Canada

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of the McGill University seeks Ph.D. and M.Sc. students to participate in a large-scale study of processes that modulate the spatial and temporal variability of the pCO2 gradient at the air-sea interface and exchange of CO2 with sub-thermocline waters and across oceanic basins. The project will be part of the NSERC Canadian Climate Change and Atmospheric Research program GEOTRACES ( and the ArcticNet Network of Centers of Excellence (

The student(s) will receive a minimum of $17,000CAN per year in living expenses for the prescribed period of residency (4 years at the Ph.D., 2 years at the M.Sc.)) and will have the opportunity to participate to international conferences to present results of the project. Knowledge of the Ocean Data View software, MATLAB and the optimum multi-parameter algorithm (OMP) would be an asset.

In addition to measurements of carbonate parameters (pH, TA, DIC), the stable carbon isotope composition, δ13C, of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) will be determined to differentiate between inorganic (atmospheric CO2 uptake, alkalinity exclusion, ikaite precipitation/ dissolution) and metabolic processes (photosynthesis, microbial degradation of allochtonous and autochtonous organic matter) in the ice and water column to CO2 exchange. Finally, the stable oxygen isotope composition, δ18O, of water will be combined to other conservative and non-conservative tracers to quantify the relative contribution of freshwater inputs (river, sea-ice melt, snow and glacier melt) and oceanic water masses (Pacific, Atlantic) to the vertical structure of the water column and the transfer of heat, salt and carbon between the North Pacific and North Atlantic through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Please send electronic applications, including CV and a list of three respondents to: Alfonso Mucci, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University (alfonso.mucci(at)

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