Ocean acidification and policy failure

The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) invites everyone to a free public lecture as part of the Sustainability in the Anthropocene series.

Event date: Wednesday, 10 September 2014
Event time: 1-2pm
Event location: Theatre C, Old Arts Building, University of Melbourne

Ocean acidification is potentially one of the most pervasive and persistent global environmental problems we face. Yet despite its widespread economic, social and ecological consequences, the issue is poorly understood by the public and by politicians and wrongly seen as merely one among the many adverse impacts of climate change. This talk first reviews the current science of ocean acidification. Then, using Australia as its focus, it addresses the puzzle of why ocean acidification has been poorly recognised as a policy issue to date and considers remedies to its obscurity.

Will Howard is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences, where he heads up the Sedimentary Basin Management Initiative. He is also the Deputy Chair of the Australian National Committee for Antarctic Research.

Peter Christoff is a political scientist and Associate Professor who teaches Climate Change Politics and Policy and Environmental Policy at the University of Melbourne. From 2005 to 2013 he was also the Vice President of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Australia’s largest national environmental NGO.

Chris Pape is a graduate of the Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne, where his major thesis examined the emergence of ocean acidification as a problem of policy focus in Australia.

All welcome. Bring lunch.
RSVP: mssi-enquiries[at]unimelb.edu.au

Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, 2014. Website.

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