Session on ocean acidification at the SCAR 2014 Open Science Conference, Auckland, 25-28 August, 2014

In response to perturbations of the global carbon cycle, driven mainly by fossil fuel emissions, the Southern Ocean is exhibiting rapid, yet regionally distinct, ocean acidification. In the coming decades, modifications to carbonate speciation and reductions in seawater pH and saturation state will influence Southern Ocean functioning from the physiological to the climate scale. The Southern Ocean is a dominant climate regulator and a potentially enormous marine resource and so improved knowledge is required on the resilience of the system to ocean acidification. Presentations are invited on new Southern Ocean understanding (from observational, experimental and modeling approaches) on the scale of past, present and future ocean acidification; responses of marine organisms and ecosystem structure, functioning and biodiversity; perturbations to biogeochemical cycling and feedbacks to the climate system; and the societal and policy challenges of ocean acidification.

Please note that the deadline for submitting abstracts to the SCAR 2014 Open Science Conference is the 14th of February .

To submit your abstract please go to:

The SCAR Open Science Conference in Auckland will focus on Global Messages from Antarctica and how the changes that we are currently seeing in Antarctica will affect the rest of the World. In addition to regular oral and poster sessions, morning plenary sessions will address the following themes which are expected to be of wide interest:

• Antarctic Conservation, Steven Chown (Joint SCAR-COMNAP session)

• Innovation in Antarctic Science, Martin Siegert, Charlie Lee, Maria Velikova

• Connections between the southern continents, Marcelo Leppe

Key-note lectures on the opening day of the SCAR OSC will include:

• Global messages from Antarctica, Dana Bergstrom

• Deciphering past climate and ice sheet dynamics from sedimentary records, Carlota Escutia (Antarctic Science Lecture)

• Southern Ocean Acidification, Richard Bellerby (Weyprecht Lecture)

• Martha T Muse Lecture (Winner for 2014 to be announced)

SCAR will also implement a new award at 2014 OSC for the most innovative communication of Antarctic science, with the competition held in Session 48. ( )

For further details see: or contact

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