Ocean acidification – global implications for the marine environment

A Peter Wall international roundtable from 21-25 October 2013 at the University of British Columbia, including a free public lecture on 24 October.


Oct 24, 2013
Beaty Biodiversity Museum Auditorium, UBC Campus

This event will include a series of presentations by leading experts on the science of ocean acidification and its impacts on marine ecosystems. There will also be opportunities to interact with an international group of researchers and discuss current issues in the field. The panel will feature four speakers with a diversity of perspectives on the effects of ocean acidification. Topics and speakers are listed below.

Introduction to Ocean Acidification: a BC Perspective
Dr. Chris Harley, University of British Columbia

Effects on Coral Reefs, and What We Can Learn from Volcanic Carbon Dioxide Vents
Dr. Katharina Fabricius, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Large Scale Ocean Acidification Research: Lessons from Scandinavia
Dr. Sam Dupont, University of Gothenburg

Looking Forward – What Can We do?
Dr. Steve Widdicombe, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

The lecture series will be followed by a reception and poster session. The posters, by UBC students, will highlight local research projects. Directions to the auditorium can be found on the Museum Website. Please note that registration is required due to limited seating.

University of British Columbia. More information.

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