Filmmaker Rob Stewart looks to the young for a green revolution

Director of Sharkwater turns attention to another species in peril: Us

It’s not easy spearheading a revolution.

Even when he is presenting his film, the aptly titled Revolution, to a crowd of like-minded supporters, director-activist Rob Stewart tends to be put under a good deal of pressure.

In Calgary to offer a sneak-peek of the documentary a few weeks back, the environmentalist was asked by audience members to provide on-the-spot solutions to exceedingly complex problem during a post-screening Q&A. The questions came fast and furious and, for the most part, so did the answers.

In the film, Stewart visits 15 countries to examine what he and a cast of scientists claim are putting the earth in peril: damage to the coral reef in Papua New Guinea, deforestation in Madagascar and, hitting close to home, the massive oilsands projects in northern Alberta. The overlying threat, the film argues, is the acidification of oceans, a process that has caused mass extinctions before in earth’s history and is currently resulting in numerous “dead zones” in the oceans.

We went all over the world, only to find out that one of the biggest environmental problems is here in Alberta,” Stewart said, in an interview with the Herald prior to screening the film. “So in a time when we know carbon emissions cause ocean acidification, which has caused four out of the five mass extinctions in the past, we’re still emitting mass amounts of carbon dioxide and promoting a high-carbon lifestyle. So we thought it would be really important for Canadians to know about ocean acidification, because it’s the biggest environmental issue on the planet today, and to know that we are a part of it and have to do something about it.”

Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald, 9 April 2013. Full article.

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