Ocean Acidification – “Time to Change” (feat. Ryan Yoo) (video)

UCLA ESS 15 ocean/climate science communication project by Thomas Li. Sung by Thomas Li and featuring Ryan Yoo on rap vocals. Parody of “Glad You Came”, by The Wanted.

Extra footage from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cqCvc…

I do not claim ownership to any of the clips from the above link, nor do I claim ownership to the instrumentals. Original lyrics by Thomas Li and Ryan Yoo.


The shells will melt
The reefs will die
And all this time emissions rise
The ocean life will never be the same
It’s time to change

When I was just a young boy
My father used to tell me about the ocean and sh*t
I never listened…

But you know what?
Things are gonna change
As of tonight
Everybody put your hands in the air
Everybody put your hands in the air
MCGB, Thomas Li in the heezy
Yeah, yeah, yeah

It’s hard to calcify, calcify
Acidic water makes it hard to thrive, hard to thrive
So oceanic life can say goodbye, say goodbye
Thanks to CO2 that we provide, you and I

To the oceans now
Now we’re watching as the fish
Fish for another prey
Pray they’ll get their wish
Wish the coral reefs survive
Survive another day
Days will go on by
And they can’t swim away
Away from all the change


Have you heard about this epidemic sweeping the nation?
It’s called two words: Ocean Acidification
CO2 plus water makes carbonic acid
You put that in the ocean and you got something’ bad kids

When the pH drops below 7
You better start praying to your god up in heaven
The problem is bad and it’s only getting worse
This is a process that must be reversed
Too much H+ impedes calcification
Shellfish with no shells is a bad situation
Half the coral reefs are already dead
And it’s coming back to us by my calculations


It’s killing all the plankton and it’s killing the reefs
The food chain is splitting right along this weak link
Save our fishy friends before they meet their end
Think of all the seafood you might never eat again

(4x) It’s time to change

[Chorus, Owl City style]

Youtube, 10 March 2013. Video.

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