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The goal of FOCE (Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment) technology is to provide precise control of pH within in situ experimental chambers with minimal effect on other environmental conditions, to support experiments evaluating the consequences of ocean acidification on marine organisms and communities. The chemical and physical techniques for controlling CO2 chemistry are well understood, but depend on the marine environments of interest. The technologies and application techniques used to execute FOCE required considerable time and expertise to develop. MBARI is now putting FOCE technology and expertise in an open source package called xFOCE. xFOCE makes FOCE techniques cost-effective and adaptable, reducing the learning curve and making it a useful tool for multi-disciplinary Ocean Acidification (OA) studies in any marine environment. Like other open technology projects, xFOCE includes the idea of community building, to enable more researchers to use FOCE tools and techniques by contributing expertise and technical support.

xFOCE web site: http://www.xfoce.org/.

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