Letter: oceans in trouble

Washington State’s ocean acidification action plan is a wise acknowledgment that our oceans are in deep trouble, but we also need a national effort to tackle this problem (“Marine Life on a Warming Planet,” editorial, Dec. 3).       

While the Pacific Northwest is a bellwether for ocean acidification, this catastrophe is also coming to a coast near you. Ocean chemistry has already changed enough to cause oyster die-offs and make coral growth sluggish. Before long, the ocean’s uptake of carbon dioxide pollution will make seawater corrosive to many animals vital to our marine ecosystems.

The Clean Water Act has protected our waters from pollution for 40 years, and the Environmental Protection Agency has even acknowledged the reach of the law to ocean acidification. We need bold leadership from the Obama administration to use this powerful legal tool to reduce the carbon dioxide pollution threatening our oceans and climate.

Oceans Director and Senior Attorney
Center for Biological Diversity
San Francisco, Dec. 4, 2012

The New York Times, The Opinion Pages, 4 December 2021. Letter.

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