Speakers needed for APECS session on ocean acidification

A Virtual Poster Session on Polar Ocean Acidification organised through APECS (Association for Polar Early Career Scientists – http://www.apecs.is) which will occur towards the end of this month. We are providing a great opportunity for early career scientists to talk about their polar research to an international early career polar network. We still need one or two early career speakers – if you would like the opportunity to present your research, then please get in touch as soon as possible (coleenclaire(at)yahoo.co.uk).

This is a great opportunity to expand your CV, build experience in presenting and widens your profile internationally. Otherwise please look out for the session if you fancy just listening and learning more about this exciting and rapidly expanding area of science.

To highlight your interest then please get in touch with Coleen Suckling over the next few days on coleenclaire(at)yahoo.co.uk.

The virtual poster session showcases your poster (which can be recycled from previous events) as a visual aid, and you will orally present the poster (approx. 10 minutes) to live listeners through the web (I’ll go through how it all works prior to the event – it’s very easy!) and answer any live streamed questions from listeners.

Dr Coleen C. Suckling
Post-Doctorate Researcher

British Antarctic Survey& the University of Cambridge, UK

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