LDEO underway pCO2 database version 2011 is now available at CDIAC

The NDP-088(V2011): “Global Ocean Surface Water Partial Pressure of CO2 Database: Measurements Performed During 1957-2011 (Version 2011)” is now available at CDIAC at: http://cdiac.ornl.gov/oceans/LDEO_Underway_Database/

Approximately 6.4 million measurements of surface water pCO2 made over the global oceans during 1957-2011 have been processed to make a uniform data file. Measurements made in open oceans as well as in coastal waters are included. The data assembled include only those measured using equilibrator-CO2 analyzer systems, and have been quality-controlled based upon the stability of the system performance, the reliability of calibrations for CO2 analysis and the internal consistency of data. In order to allow re-examination of the data in the future, a number of measured parameters relevant to pCO2 in seawater are listed. The overall uncertainty for the pCO2 values listed is estimated to be ± 2.5 uatm on the average. The names and institutional affiliations of the contributors are listed in Table 1. A column is added for reporting the partial pressure of CO2 in seawater in units of Pascals. The documentations for the previous versions (V1.0, V2007, V2008, V2009 and V2010) of LDEO database are available at CDIAC http://cdiac.ornl.gov/ftp/oceans/LDEO_Database/

Alex Kozyr, CDIAC, July 2012. CDIAC LDEO Database.

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