New journal, “Ocean Acidification”

Ocean Acidification (OA) is an international journal devoted to the rapid publication of original and significant studies in all areas of the emerging field of Ocean Acidification:

– biogeochemical and atmospheric processes /interactions;
– biological and ecological response to Ocean Acidification and climate change at cellular to ecosystem scales;
– models and predictions of future change.

Our goal is to provide a hub for researchers working across all scales, approaches and disciplines to present their discoveries and ideas, and to be the forum for discussion of the rapidly building knowledge on Ocean Acidification. The journal accommodates a variety of exposition styles and formats to help scientists with diverse backgrounds interact.

Journal editor: Maoz Fine ( Web site.

2 Responses to “New journal, “Ocean Acidification””

  1. 1 csoeder 17 April 2012 at 20:31

    I hope it will be open access! There is nothing sadder than a Google Scholar search result with no PDF download.

    • 2 Jean-Pierre Gattuso 18 April 2012 at 05:48

      I am not fully familiar with this journal but its web site mentions that it is open access. I cannot agree more with you and am a strong proponent of open access.

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