Oyster-mud crab ecology under ocean acidification

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
3:00– 4:00 p.m.
Venable Hall
Room G201

Reception to follow immediately after seminar. 3rd floor lobby, Venable Hall

Ocean acidification research has been swiftly expanding for the past decade, increasingly incorporating biological perspectives.  Previous work has demonstrated that calcifying organisms will respond to  acidification in different ways.  In the local oyster reef ecosystems, the foundation species, the eastern oyster, exhibits a decline in calcification and a correspondingly weaker shell under acidified conditions. In contrast, many of their main predators exhibit experience an increase in calcification.  This study is one of the earliest attempts to look at ocean acidification through an ecological perspective.  By investigating the effect of ocean acidification on the predator prey relationship of the juvenile eastern oyster and adult mud crab, we hope to better understand the future of this iconic habitat.  Background, methods, and preliminary results of a growth and predation study will be presented.

Luke Dodd
MS Candidate
Research Seminar


 University of NC at Chapel Hil, Department of Marine Sciences Seminar Series. Flyer.

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