The ocean acidification challenges facing science and society

Human activity over the last two centuries has resulted in the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and oceans to the extent that they are changing Earth’s climate and ocean chemistry. The later is termed ocean acidification as carbon dioxide reacts with seawater resulting in lowered pH and other changes to the carbonate cycle which if continued at the same rate may impact ocean biodiversity, food webs and ecosystems. Ocean acidification studies are still in their infancy, but the phenomenon is real and has the potential for widespread and significant effects that will, within decades, impact human society through the goods and services that the oceans provide. Scientists, policymakers and stakeholders must work together to understand the broader implications, and cooperate to overcome threats that ocean acidification poses to human society.

Turley C., & Boot K., 2011. The ocean acidification challenges facing science and society. In: Gattuso J.-P. & Hansson L. (Eds.), Ocean acidification, pp. 249-271. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Book.

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