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The University of Bergen (UiB) wishes to appoint up to four associate professors at the newly established Centre for Climate Dynamics. The Centre for Climate Dynamics will be a strong international competence centre for the understanding of climate change, modelling of climate changes, and reliable information about possible future situations regionally and globally. Partners in the centre are the University of Bergen, Uni Research AS, Institute of Marine Research, and the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre. The Norwegian ministry of Education and Research has provided funding for the centre for 12 years, subject to the result of a mid-term evaluation. The new centre is closely associated with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (

The thematic research areas of the Centre for Climate Dynamics include model experiments that contribute to the IPCC assessments, the development of global climate predictions and regional climate scenarios, the analysis of natural and anthropogenic climate variability, and the carbon cycle and its impacts on the ocean.

The successful candidates will be responsible for leading their own thematic research areas within the Centre for Climate Dynamics, and together with the centre leader and administrative manager will constitute the leader group of the centre. The appointees will initially use their expertise and working time towards already defined projects, but will also be central in the further strategic and scientific development of the centre. This will include among other things strategic planning, application writing, project management, and reporting.

The appointees will be formally and permanently employed by one of the departments of the Mathematical and Natural Sciences, but all of their working hours and assignments will be dedicated to the activities of the centre. They will be under the direction of the centre leader and will report to him. The central positions will be exempted from teaching regular courses, but mentoring students at the master’s and PhD levels is desirable.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate competence at a high international level within this following field:

*Carbon cycle in the ocean and ocean acidification: We are seeking a person with a physical/chemical/biological/geological background with an interest in the role of the oceans in the global carbon system, as well as the marine effects of ocean acidification. Areas of specialisation include the collection and analysis of observational data, estimations of ocean uptake and transport of carbon, and changes in ocean pH and the effects on the lower parts of the marine food chain.

The applicants must have achieved a doctorate in one or more of the following disciplines: oceanography, meteorology, geology, applied mathematics; or, in a related discipline. In addition, they must have broad experience, proven competence, and a strong academic background in the thematic field(s) within which they apply.

Furthermore, the applicants should have experience of research management and strategic research planning and be able to demonstrate the ability to stimulate collaboration between researchers and research groups nationally and internationally. Moreover, the applicants should be able to demonstrate academic leadership skills, professional integrity, and considerable academic cooperative skills, as well as the ability to develop academic teams and ability and interest in communicating research results.

In order to build a strong and dynamic leadership team at the centre, when selecting candidates special emphasis will be put on personal qualities such as leadership, flexibility, and the ability to collaborate, in addition to the necessary academic qualifications. When assessing the applicants, personal qualifications and results from previous employments will therefore be of importance.

*The teaching language is normally Norwegian.*

Salary will be in the range of 65–70 in the Civil Service pay grade table (code 1011/pay framework 24.4), according to qualifications; which currently equates to NOK 480,00–548,200. For particularly highly qualified applicants a higher salary may be considered.

Associate professors employed on a permanent basis have the opportunity to apply for promotion to full professor according to competence. The annual closing date for such applications is 15 September.

Additional information about the position can be obtained by contacting Centre Leader Tore Furevik by phone (+47) 55 58 26 91 / (+47) 98 67 72 26 or

Women in particular are invited to apply. If, in the opinion of the evaluation committee, several applicants have approximately equivalent qualifications, the rules on equal opportunities laid down in the Personnel Regulations for Academic Positions will be applied.

State employment shall reflect the multiplicity of the population at large to the highest possible degree. The University of Bergen has therefore adopted a personnel policy objective to ensure that we achieve a balanced age and sex composition and the recruitment of persons of various ethnic backgrounds. Persons of different ethnic backgrounds are therefore encouraged to apply for the position.

The University of Bergen applies the principles of public openness when recruiting staff to scientific positions. Hence, the evaluation committee’s report will be disclosed, in full detail, to all of the applicants.

In the case of any future changes in the organisation of climate research and/or education at the University of Bergen, changes in the employment terms and conditions must be expected, entailing compliance with the guidelines that apply to associate professors in general at the UiB. The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position at any time.

Information about the applicant may be made public even though the applicant has requested not to be named in the list of applicants. The applicant will be notified if his/her request is not respected.

The applicants must upload the works they wish to be considered along with their application, including a list of publications, as well as certificates and diplomas. Applicants must state the works or parts of works they wish to be given particular attention in the evaluation of their applications. These should not exceed 10 in number.

Applications sent by e-mail to random individuals at the university will not be considered.

Closing date for applications: 1 September 2011

Quote case no. 2011/8734

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