Adaptive policy approaches to ocean acidification

Unlike atmospheric climate change forecasts that involve significant uncertainties, ocean acidification is considered a predictable response to increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations (Doney, Fabry, Feely, & Kleypas, 2009). Atmospheric CO2 concentrations are expected to reach 467-555 ppm by Year 2050 (Cooley et al., 2009). Increases of this kind would cause surface ocean pH to decline, on average, to 7.8 in Year 2050 (Cooley et al., 2009). Models of future CO2 emissions and ocean uptake suggest that the atmospheric level of CO2 would peak shortly after the highest rate of fossil fuel combustion and then subside as the oceans absorb the CO2, resulting in increased acidification (Ruttimann, 2006).

Ray A., 2011. Adaptive policy approaches to ocean acidification. The Journal of Science Policy & Governance. 14 p. Article.

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