‘A Sea Change’ in July

If you think global warming is tough, you don’t know the half of it.

Come to the next First Friday Films on July 1 & 8 and uncover the rest of the story. We will be presenting A Sea Change, a film that tackles the twin of global warming, ocean acidification, and its effects to our ocean, our corals and our marine animals. The event will start at 6:30pm at the American Memorial Park Visitors Center.

If you live in an island that heavily depends on coral reef for tourism and sea creatures for sustenance, wouldn’t you want to know what is happening to them now and what might happen to them in the future? Sven Huseby, an ordinary grandfather, wants to know. Recipient of the 2010 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Environmental Hero Award, A Sea Change follows the journey of Sven as he travels from Alaska to Norway to uncover that the global ocean is slowly becoming too acidic for the creatures that live in it.

First Friday Films is a monthly environmental film series organized by the National Park Service and the Division of Environmental Quality.

The Pacific Historic Parks (formerly the Arizona Memorial Museum Association) Bookstore, located inside the visitor’s center, will be open until 8:30pm. All proceeds go to community education programs.

As always, First Friday Films is free and open to the public. For planning purposes, the movie runs 1 hour and 23 minutes long; find more information about the film at www.firstfridayfilmssaipan.blogspot.com. Subscribe to the blog for regular updates on upcoming events.

Saipan Tribune, 16 June 2011. Article.

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