Postdoctoral Fellow in “Impact of Ocean Acidification on Larval Ecology”

DURATION: Full time. 18 months.

DUTIES: A postdoctoral position is available as part of the Anillo Project ACT132 “Influence of the near-future ocean acidification on shellfish resources: Latitudinal variation and Fresh water inputs” (, which involves a multi-disciplinary team of scientists from different Chilean universities investigating the effects of changing pH and pCO2 on economically-valuable shellfish resources. Depending on the successful applicants background and competence, the research can be directed towards any of the following areas: 1) measurements of larval metabolism behavior under contrasting pCO2 levels, 2) the impact of freshwater discharges on larval metabolism through salinity and acidification stress, or 3) lethal and/or sub-lethal effects in gastropod larvae resulting from ocean acidification. Experimental work will be conducted at the Calfuco Coastal Laboratory of Aquatic Resources (Universidad Austral de Chile) about 40 kms from Valdivia, Chile ( However, the Postdoc felow can also make use of all the facilities and space of the Aquatic Ecosystem Functioning Lab at the EULA Center (Universidad de Concepcion) in Concepcion City.

BACKGROUND: Ph.D., with a strong background in plankton and/or larval ecology and proven experience with experimental setups.

TO APPLY: Applicants should submit, electronically or in hardcopy form:

  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of degree certificates
  • A statement of previous research achievements
  • A publication list
  • Copies of relevant articles (maximum 3)
  • A research plan (maximum 3 pages)
  • A list of 2 referees (with contact details)

DATES: Preferred start date is around August 1, 2011 but is negotiable.

SALARY: The Postdoctoral fellow involves an annual salary of around US$ 26,000.

Applications should be submitted to:

Dr. Cristian A. Vargas
Aquatic Ecosystem Functioning Lab (LAFE)
Environmental Sciences Center EULA Chile
Universidad de Concepcion


Dr. Patricio Manríquez
Institute of Marine and Limnological Sciences & Calfuco Coastal Laboratory of Aquatic Resources
Universidad Austral de Chile

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