The future of coral reefs: climate change, acidification, over-fishing and other stresses (meeting)

The following is an announcement for a conference on climate change and other stressors acting upon reefs that will be held at the 22nd Pacific Science Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14-18 June, 2011

Subtheme: Oceans (Coral Reefs, Ocean Acidification, Fisheries)

Title: “The Future of Coral Reefs: Climate Change, Acidification, Over-fishing and other Stresses”

Conveners: Dr. Terry J. Donaldson and the Pacific Science Association Coral Reef WorkingGroup

Description: This symposium will present recent research that attempts to integrate the effects of ocean warming, ocean acidification, over-fishing, and other stressors such as habitat destruction, pollution, and species invasions upon physical and biological processes in coral reef systems. Of particular importance is the combination of ocean warming and ocean acidification that is rapidly emerging as a real signal pointing towards potentially enormous impacts upon coral reef and oceanic systems. For example, warming depletes oceanic oxygen levels both by the lower solubility and by accelerating microbial respiration rates. Thus, aerobic marine animals will experience the double threat of rising CO2 and declining O2 levels, and this will impact very large areas of the Indo-Pacific region. The linkages between ocean warming and ocean acidification are not yet well linked, nor are they well-linked to other stressors that, when acting in concert, pose serious cumulative threats. This symposium seeks to provide stronger understanding of the real linkages between them.

Papers will also address predictive models of extinction susceptibilities and risks under these threats, the loss of biodiversity on coral reefs, and the corresponding loss of natural resources to stakeholders within the Pacific region. Papers describing innovative management policies and actions that can address or mitigate these impacts will also be encouraged. Presenters are expected to prepare manuscripts for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or book.

Abstracts: Deadline for submission is 31 January, 2011. Submission should be made to the Pacific Science Congress website (see below); please indicate the title of the symposium in your submission. Copies of abstracts should be sent to Terry Donaldson.

Contact: Dr. Terry J. Donaldson, University of Guam Marine Laboratory, UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96923 USA (email: (tel: 1-671-735-2187)

22nd Pacific Science Congress website:
Pacific Science Association website:

With thanks and best wishes for the New Year,

Terry J. Donaldson, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Ichthyology
University of Guam Marine Laboratory
UOG Station
Mangilao, Guam 96923 USA
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Executive Secretary, Pacific Science Association Coral Reef Working Group

Focal Point, IUCN SSC Hawkfishes and Sandperches Red List Authority

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