INVITATION: EPOCA, BIOACID and UKOARP students meeting 2010

Restricted to EPOCA, BIOACID and UKOARP students

Date: Monday, September 27th, 10:00 h

Location: Atlantic Sail City hotel (Bremerhaven)

We are pleased to announce the II Annual EPOCA/BIOACID/UKOARP Students Meeting, which will take place in Bremerhaven, just before the general meeting. Please, make sure to arrive in Bremerhaven on Monday September 27th to not miss this great event!

The meeting will be divided into two main sessions:

1) Oral presentations session:

There will be the opportunity for 12-15 EPOCA/BIOACID talks. In addition, all UKOARP students are encouraged to give a short introduction to their project. The talks are restricted to a maximum of 10 minutes (talk) + 3 minutes (discussion) per person for EPOCA/BIOACID and 3 minutes (talk) + 2 minutes (discussion) for UKOARP.

Please submit your abstract for a talk by Friday, September 3rd (see below for additional information). Abstracts should be concisely written, having less than 350 words (excluding title, author/s, and affiliations) and contain sufficient information on the talk (please send them in WORD or PDF). In case we receive more than the 12-15 proposed abstracts, we will make a selection in order to obtain the “best mix” between topics. We will inform about the selected abstracts by Wednesday, September 8th.

At the end of the oral presentation session, all EPOCA/BIOACID/UKOARP students will get the chance to vote for the best two talks. The chosen students will be given 10 minutes each (+ 5 minutes for discussion) in the plenary session on Thursday 30th September between 13:30 and 14:00.

2) General discussion/ round table:

This session intends to trigger discussions among the students about ideas for the present research and potential collaborative work from the talks or from any other activity. It also intends to bring up any existing problem that anybody has during their PhD and wishes to share with the rest; either for advice or for feedback. One of the main goals of the meeting should be to foster open communication among young scientists and to allow interactions between the different EU projects. Please do bring in your own ideas, and expose them openly; we wish to discuss all points of view!

We have planned a catered coffee break in the morning, followed by lunch (paid by the participants on their own) and another coffee break in the early evening. After session 2 we will have a drinks mixer and some free time just before the students dinner in the evening.

Students dinner:

After the official meeting we should strengthen our cohesion with a dinner in Bremerhaven. We will have it booked in advance but expenses will be covered on our own.

More information and submit.

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