50 best blogs leading ocean acidification awareness

As the ph levels in the ocean drop, ocean acidification takes place. This has happened rapidly in the past three decades and is linked to fossil fuels and cement production. This carbon cycle is comprised of both organic and inorganic carbon, with the latter being the primary culprit. Dissolved carbon dioxide has been found in ocean samples. These blogs are helping raise ocean acidification awareness, which requires rapid change now in order to save our oceans.

Ocean Acidification Awareness Blogs

Learn about ocean acidification from these blogs. Some are by scientists, while others are by concerned citizens looking to improve the state of our planet for future generations.

1. Oceana Blog : This organization aims to protects the oceans of the world and has an extensive blog explaining ocean acidification and preventative measures.

2. Ocean Acidification : This blog has one goal – to educate on ocean acidification and provide facts in a concise manner, making it a must-read for those learning about the subject.

3. Real Climate : This site is about climate change and penned by climate scientists. We love it because it leaves politics alone and focuses on the issues

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