Ocean acidification sessions at the 2011 ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting

S16: Acidification in Coral Reef Ecosystems
S31: Coral Reefs in a Crystal Ball: What Will Be Their Future?
S37: Evolutionary Rules in the Brave New Ocean – Climate Change and Life History Strategies
S51. Who’s in the water? Recent Advances in the Detection and Quantification of Phytoplankton Community Composition in Aquatic Ecosystems
S58: Emerging Patterns of Nitrogen Fixation and its Controls in the Oceans
S67: Deep-Sea Corals and Other Communities Associated with Hydrocarbon Seeps and Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits: Life in the crosshairs of human impact
S69: The Biogeochemistry of Coral – Microbe Interactions
S71: Beachfront Real Estate: Microbial ecology and activity along changing coasts
S80: Frontiers in Ocean Acidification Research: Responses of marine carbon cycling and ecosystems to ocean acidification
S81: Challenges and Opportunities in the Ecology of Marine Infectious Diseases

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