Call for PhD and post doc candidates

Project: Effects of global changes in the metabolism of seagrass ecosystems

Supervisors: Prof. Rui Santos (CCMAR/University of Algarve)
Dr. João Silva (CCMAR)

Synopsis: Coastal systems dominated by seagrasses are locals of very high primary production that have been regarded as net autotrophic systems, i.e. those in which their photosynthetic production exceed the respiratory organic matter losses, and thus as carbon sinks.

The general objective of this research line is to determine how climate change (temperature and CO2 / ocean acidification) impacts seagrass productivity and thus the contribution of these systems to the ocean carbon budget.

The grant holders will be integrated in a dynamic research group with strong international links. Ample laboratory and field work facilities are available, including a mesocosm system for long-term CO2 enrichment experiments.

Requisites: Candidates should be fluent in English and have a competitive CV. Candidates with a solid background/interest on seagrass ecology, general coastal system ecology, biogeochemistry, marine plant ecophysiology are welcome.

Application: Candidates should apply by e-mail to rosantos(at) and jmsilva(at), sending a motivation letter, a detailed CV and two contacts for recommendation letters. Deadline for expression of interest is July 15.

*Dependent on a FCT grant (application deadline, September 6,

CCMAR, centro de ciências do mar, universidade do algarve, 8005-139 faro,tel.: +351 289 800 973,\ccmar\algae

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