Ocean acidification session: AGU San Francisco – Dec 2010

We would like to invite abstract submissions to the following session at the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco (www.agu.org/meetings/fm10/). AGU will accept abstracts through 2 September 2010. Please distribute to others who may be interested. Thank you!

OS20: Ocean Acidification: Observation and Prediction of Biogeochemical and Ecosystem-Scale Responses

Description: The absorption of anthropogenic CO2 by the oceans has caused fundamental chemical changes including reduced pH and carbonate ion availability, collectively referred to as ocean acidification. The goal of this interdisciplinary session is to examine recent progress in ocean acidification research with a focus on ocean carbon system observations and predicted impacts to ecosystem structure, function, and biodiversity. Presentations addressing key knowledge gaps, including natural variability of coastal carbon chemistry, impact to coupled biological and chemical processes such as the ocean’s biological pump, and how individual species responses will manifest at the ecosystem scale, are encouraged.

Convener: Adrienne Sutton
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Laurie Juranek
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Ann Russell
University of California, Davis

Dwight Gledhill
NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

Index Terms: 4800 1635

2010 AGU Fall Meeting
13–17 December
Moscone Convention Center
Howard Street, Between Third & Fifth Sts.
San Francisco, California, USA

Adrienne J Sutton

NRC Postdoctoral Associate

NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

office: 206.526.6879

email: adrienne.sutton(at)noaa.gov

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