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At the Institute of Marine Research we have two vacant positions as researcher in marine carbon chemistry. The positions are permanent, placed in group of Oceanography, with work currently in Tromsø.

Application deadline: 08/20/2010.

Institute has started the development of monitoring and research on changes in ocean carbon balance and effects of ocean acidification on marine organisms. In this context, we seek two researchers in chemical oceanography that will work on ocean carbon chemistry. The persons appointed will work in concert with both physical oceanographers and marine biologists.


Doctorate in chemical oceanography or equivalent and experience in carbon chemistry is required. Experience with field observations of carbon parameters is desirable. Personal qualities such as good communication and collaboration capabilities, ability to work independently, effectively and purposefully, as well as the ability to generate, implement and report on project activities will be emphasized. It is assumed that at least one of the candidates have senior competence (code 1110/1183). Field and cruise work, and other travel related to the position can be expected. The positions are remunerated by salary code 1109/1110/1183 according to competency assessment.

Want more information? Contact researcher Yngve Børsheim, program manager Svein Sundby or research group leader Bjørn Ådlandsvik.

IMR is an equal opportunity organization and encourage all qualified candidates and women especially to apply. Please note that information about applicants may be published even if the applicant has asked to be exempt applicant list. Applicants will be informed in advance.

Submit written application with attached CV, copies of relevant certificates, diplomas and list of publications (application 1109) and three sets of copies of publications and previous skills assessment (application 1110/1183 ) to:

Institute of Marine Research, Section Personnel and Management Support, PO Box 1870 Nordnes, NO-5817 Bergen, Norway
Mark your application with “36-10 “. Deadline: 08/20 2010 .


Knut Yngve Børsheim

+47 55 23 84 91

+47 41104959 yngve.borsheim @

Svein Sundby

+47 55 23 84 68

+47 48123621 svein.sundby @

Bjørn Ådlandsvik

+47 55 23 84 52 bjoern.aadlandsvik @

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