Post-Doctoral Fellow – Antarctic ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is a pressing threat to the world’s oceans, and particularly in the cold waters of the Antarctic, with the potential to negatively affect key benthic organisms. We have a significant opportunity for a passionate post doctoral researcher who wants to apply their knowledge and skills in this important area, to take up a two year fellowship with NIWA.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in marine ecology as well as extensive experience in modelling physiological and ecological processes. They will be able to demonstrate a broad knowledge of marine biology and ocean acidification and will already possess a good scientific publication record relative to their experience.

An understanding of bivalve physiological processes in an ecological context, and skills in shell microstructure analyses would be an advantage. This position does not involve any Antarctic field work.

This post doctoral scholarship is funded by Air New Zealand and NIWA, in collaboration with Antarctica New Zealand and WWF-New Zealand.

Job details
Job reference: 2012
Posted on: Jun 22, 2010
Close date: Jul 16, 2010
Expertise: Marine Ecology
Location: Wellington
Job level: Scientist
Work type: Fixed term

NIWA Tihoro Nukurangi, More information.

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