Our Say: Acidification effects huge

There have been plenty of doom and gloom predictions about the effects climate change may have upon the Great Barrier Reef, to the point where the topic of global warming has become a political football.

While we wait for the Federal Government to make up its mind on whether to act to lower our carbon emissions before it is too late, the very real threat of ocean acidification has slowly been making its presence felt.

More than 12 months ago scientists warned that growth of the biggest and most robust corals on the Great Barrier Reef had slowed by more than 14 per cent since 1990.

It’s a statistic that appears to have been swallowed up in the global warming debate.

The warning from the Australian Institute of Marine Science’s former chief scientist Charlie Veron that we need to act immediately to halt this process may seem dramatic.

The Cairns Post, 10 June 2010. Full article.

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