OCB supports U.S. student participation in European ocean acidification training course

EPOCA (European Project on Ocean Acidification), CalMarO (CALcification by MARine Organisms), BIOACID (Biological Im- pacts of Ocean ACIDification), and OCB co-organized an ocean acidification training workshop at IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel from March 8-12, 2010. The workshop, which included 18 lectures and 16 hands-on practicals, educated 35 students and post-docs on a range of chemical, biological, and data handling methods involved in ocean acidification research. For more details, please visit the training workshop website.

OCB provided support for five U.S. students to attend the training workshop. Following is a brief biographical sketch and a few reflections on the workshop from each student.

OCB Newsletter 3(2):16-18. Full article.

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