Tipping point

Global warming is not the only result of more CO2 in the atmosphere. Oceans are absorbing huge quantities of CO2 which in turn is changing its chemical composition and severely damaging the marine environment.

By following the EPOCA project (European Project on Ocean Acidification), one of the most ambitious scientific journeys of the past few years, involving more than 100 researchers from 9 different countries, Tipping Point will take us around the world and under water to discover how ocean acidification is changing marine ecosystems and what scientific solutions can be found to solve the problem.

Through beautifully shot under-sea images and a careful scientific approach, the film tackles the main issues of this relatively new phenomenon by providing solutions before it’s too late!

From the producer/director of Public Enemy Number 1: Carbon and Gulf Stream which were successfully distributed worldwide.

HD 16:9


November 2010

Laurence Jourdan

Director of photography
Giorgios Arvanitis

Production company
Georama TV, Greece

CYBC (Cyprus), RTP (Portugal), NRK (Norway)

European Commission – DG Research

€ 483,291

Eurovision TV contact
Laura Longobardi
+ 41 22 717 2423

European Broadcasting Union, 26 May 2010. Article.

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