Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World III

SCOR, IOC, and IGBP are co-sponsors of the Third Symposium, to be held in 2012. A planning committee of 14 members has been approved by the co-sponsors. Ulf Riebesell (Germany) is chairing the committee; other members are Claire Armstrong (Norway), Peter Brewer (USA), Ken Denman (Canada), Richard Feely (USA), Kunshan Gao (China-Beijing), Jean-Pierre Gattuso (France), Dan Laffoley (UK), Yukihiro Nojiri (Japan), James Orr (France), Hans-Otto Poertner (Germany), Carlos Eduardo Rezende (Brazil), Daniela Schmidt (UK), and Anya Waite (Australia). The committee will meet in December 2010 to begin planning the symposium.

Bids have been requested to host the 2012 symposium and are due by 30 April 2010 (see

SCOR Newsletter 16, April 2010. Web site.

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