Ocean acidification causes negative effects on fisheries

Ocean acidification is a rising problem that could potentially cause negative effects on fisheries in the Bering Sea.

“It’s affecting food webs and fisheries,” said Brad Warren, a staff member of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

Warren, who recently spoke about the issue of acidification at Dutch Harbor in March at the Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference, said the rise of carbon dioxide emissions is causing ocean life to face new problems.

“It’s severe,” he said. “We have to face the root problem, and the root is rapid growth of CO2. You don’t really have to care about global warming one way or another, this is really an irrefutable face of chemistry.”

So far, the most blatant depiction of what higher acid levels is doing to sea life is occurring in Oregon. The levels of corrosiveness cause key plankton species and clams to dissolve.

Louis Garcia, Kodiak Daily Mirror, 7 April 2010. Full article.

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