Explorer ready for mission to determine ocean acid levels

A Scottish explorer is waiting for weather conditions to improve before setting off on a mission to the North Pole to assess the impact of greenhouse gases on the Arctic Ocean.

Charlie Paton, 39, is part of a team which was due to embark upon a 60-day scientific expedition to examine “Earth’s other carbon dioxide problem”, the acidification of the ocean.

The phenomenon is caused when seas absorb the increased levels of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere.

The team will wait until tomorrow for a weather window that will allow them to land upon the ice floe and head northwards.

If conditions improve, they will fly out from Resolute in Canada.

They will then settle in an ice base built 75 miles from the North Pole, and from there they will collect samples of sea water from beneath the Arctic ice.

Jasper Hamill, The Herald, 7 March 2010. Full article.

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