Possible NSF ocean acidification opportunity

High level NSF science managers have hinted at national meetings that new NSF-wide solicitations for proposals will be announced in 2010 pertaining to a developing research agenda on climate and environmental change. Ocean Acidification is one of the topics that has been mentioned which will remain in force for some years. All indications on this topic are that the agenda will be broad, encompassing the chemistry of the oceans related to ocean acidification and interactions with the biochemistry, metabolism, and ecology of life in the sea today, and in the history of the Earth. It will involve more than just the ocean sciences parts of NSF (i.e., the Geosciences, Biological Sciences, and Polar Program sections). Also, it sounds like there will be ample opportunities for developing integrative and interdisciplinary projects, as well as workshops to build further community dialogue and collaborations.

OCB has been very active for a few years with the U.S. and international community in building the support for ocean acidification research among both scientists and our funding agencies. Through individuals, OCB Steering Committee, and the Ocean Acidification Sub-Committee, OCB continues on this path, recently assisting with a NRC Study, the Copenhagen discussions, the IMBER/SOLAS international working group, and the U.S. Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification. This email is to alert and encourage the academic community to watch for and respond to this opportunity if and when it comes this year. It also encourages, where suitable, engagement with the ocean acidification activities ongoing or developing in other agencies (e.g., NOAA) and internationally.

The first of the NSF announcements for this climate/environmental change thrust (on Water Sustainability) has just hit the streets (January 13th). We hope that the one for Ocean Acidification will be very soon in coming. When we hear of an official release of an RFP from the NSF or other agencies, we will alert the community further.

Scott Doney
Heather Benway
OCB Project Office

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